Gaming Computer Build

Welcome to!! I started this site literally because I was looking for the best gaming monitor to go with the awesome gaming PC I built. I did tons of research and picked all the best and newest components for my gaming computer, but when It was time to order my monitor I quickly seen that not all monitors are equal. I really didn’t want to read tons of crap and dive head first into epic amounts of research just to make sure I end up getting an awesome gaming monitor. I tried all the normal sites that came up in a Google search but still did not have a clear picture as to what I was and wasn’t looking for…

So I did end up diving into tons of articles and forums that were stuffed full of tech specs.I found that a few of the manufactures websites were sometimes helpful, but it was only helpful after I knew what I was looking for…

I think you can see where this is heading :)
After all this research and study I figured I had better make good use of this info I had compiled, hence was born. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and when I seen the need that hadn’t been met, my inner entrepreneur reared it’s head and started frothing at the mouth…I got to work right away. Like all good resources, this website will be continually growing and changing. I have started to add other categories I found to be pretty useful and relevant for some one who is trying to pick the best gaming monitor that they can afford, such as eyefinity technology and how it apply’s to gaming, as well as SLI and Crossfire setups.

I hope you enjoy!!