Acer HN274H 3D Gaming Monitor Review
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Monitor technology continues to improve and Acer does not hesitate to embrace any new technologies which increase computing experiences. Powerful monitors with high-definition standards and immersive 3D technologies stand out as some of the best gaming monitors.


“The two millisecond response time of the Acer HN274H 3D Gaming Monitor is fantastic!!”The Acer HN274H 3D Gaming Monitor not only embraces 3D technology but also provides an amazing response rate and full high-definition visuals. It is impressive that a 27-inch monitor can supply full features and energy saving technology. The white LED technology employed in the HN274H consumes less energy and saves money. Certainly one of the best gaming monitors, the HN274H is also an environmentally conscious product.


acer hn274hRobust features make the Acer HN274H 3D Gaming Monitor one of the best gaming monitors on the market. The 27-inch screen displays at 1920 x 1080 with full high-definition 1080p capabilities. The monitor is 3D ready and ships with NVIDIA 3D glasses. The HN274H is one of the first monitors to offer 3D technology at the 27-inch scale. The low response time and 100 million to 1 contrast ratio ensures fresh, crisp coloration and refined definition. The monitor comes in the standard black shell with an adjustable stand and wall mounts.


Ergonomic options: adjustable display angles
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Audio: Speakers – 2 (2W)
Wall mount support: Yes 100mm VESA wall mount support
Included video cables: HDMI – USB – DVI – VGA
Backlight: CCFL
Panel Type: 3D
Screen Film: Matte
Number of Presets: N/A
Color controls: Yes
Gamma controls: N/A
Picture options: In Menu
Additional Features: comes with HDMI – USB – DVI – VGA cords
Power Consumption: Average For A 27″ 3D Monitor


acer hn274h3D imagery is achieved through the HDMI or DVI-DL connectors. The Acer HN274H 3D Gaming Monitor comes equipped with DVI, HDMI, and VGA interfaces. Each type of cable is included in the package contents, which is a huge bonus! You can also mount this bad boy on the wall, with Versa mount capabilities the sky is the limit!


acer hn274hThe two millisecond response time of the Acer HN274H 3D Gaming Monitor is fantastic. Quick response time prevents ghosting and visual noise during fast paced game play and the best gaming monitors have low response times. Explosions and demanding visual effects will be artifact free due to the combination of the low response time and the 100 million to 1 contrast ratio.


The best gaming monitors also serve as great movie displays. The benefits offered by the 100 million to 1 contrast ratio apply equally to gaming and movies. With a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, the 16:9 format and the 16.7 million colors the Acer HN274H 3D Gaming Monitor is capable of displaying beautiful and clean moving images.

The ranges of optimal viewing angles are a horizontal angle of 170 degrees and a vertical angle of 160 degrees. These angles and the adjustable display stand provide undistorted viewing of the screen from off-center angles.


acer hn274hWith default settings text on the Acer HN274H 3D Gaming Monitor is clear. The 300 Nit brightness level maintained clarity between the black text and white background. Changing the native resolution will squash or stretch the text and is not recommended.


The Acer HN274H 3D Gaming Monitor looks best with the native resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hertz. Every thing I have found on this gaming monitor suggests it is ready to go straight out of the box!

Currently there are no reviews on for this model of the Acer HN274H 3D Gaming Monitor. A quick browse through similar models offered by Acer shows that people are very satisfied with Acer 3D monitors. Be a pioneer and give this great monitor an opportunity to show why it is one of the best gaming monitors on the market!

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