BenQ XL2420TX Professional Gaming Monitor Review
9.8!our score

My first impression of the BenQ XL2420TX Gaming Monitor was amazement. With the first look at the design, you can tell it’s a sleek, elegant gaming monitor and far nicer than some of the other models out there. After turning the monitor on, I could see how the black eQualizer brightened areas of the screen that would normally be darker on other models. The lighting and how this gaming monitor balanced the lights and the darks blew me away.

BenQ XL2420TX Professional Gaming MonitorIn regards to the product’s features and functionality, this BenQ Gaming Monitor is one of the best ones on the market for gaming, with a 120Hz refresh rate, objects on screen are going to be refreshed and clarified for the player at a much higher rate than other gaming monitors. The refresh rate coupled with the 2 millisecond response time means any monitor based lag and delay in picture is minimized as much as possible. With the graphics being displayed at 2,560 x 1,440 pixels at an 16:9 aspect ratio, gamers can expect nothing but a top of the line gaming experience with some of the best graphical representations available.

gamers can expect nothing but a top of the line gaming experience with some of the best graphical representations available.The BenQ XL2420TX Gaming Monitor also has built in on-board speakers, two HDMI ports, DVI-DL (dual link), a D-sub input connector, DP 1.2 and a standard headphone jack. The monitor also has adjustable settings such as being able to move vertically up and down with ease as well as the option to rotate 90 degrees and have the monitor positioned vertically on its stand. This gaming monitor also has the option to use with a VESA wall mount should you want to mount the monitor on the wall for optimized adjust-ability. This particular gaming monitor also features a TN panel type which stands for twisted nematic, this is a cutting edge monitor function that allows for significantly faster pixel response times in order to avoid ghosting and shadow-trail effects like most monitors have.


Ergonomic options: Height-Adjustable stand,tilt and swivel
Resolution: 2,560 x 1,440
Audio: Headset jack
Wall mount support: Yes VESA wall mount support
Connectivity D-sub / DVI-DL(Dual Link) / HDMI x 2 / DP 1.2 / Headphone Jack
USB: Donwstreamx3; Upstreamx1
Backlight: LED
Panel Type: 3D READY
Screen Film: Matte
Preset Modes: Downloadable presets available
Color controls: In Menu
Gamma controls: In Menu
Picture options: In Menu
Additional Features: 3 button preset switcher
Power Consumption: Energy Sufficient

BenQ XL2420TX Professional Gaming MonitorThe BenQ XL2420TX Gaming Monitor’s display is an anti-glare (Matte) screen, making for an excellent display absent of any reflected light for gaming. The S controller for this monitor offers 3 preset selector buttons so video presets can be changed and switched between custom settings made with the myriad of custom settings available for brightness, contrast, and other video selection options. This gaming monitor comes with presets such as FPS Mode, Smart Scaling, Display mode, and other presets created by FPS game pros with the only intention of every one else getting the same high quality performance from this gaming monitor.

BenQ XL2420TX Professional Gaming Monitor The BenQ XL2420TX Gaming Monitor’s capability to offer users high quality graphics and frame rates while doing an excellent job at adjusting brightness levels also makes it a great option for movies and displaying simple text. One of the only downsides I found with this BenQ XL2420TX Gaming Monitor is that it takes a while to find the settings that work best for you, however my recommended settings for gaming would have to be the FPS option mode. From my experience I would say this is an excellent gaming monitor, and from the 4.5 customer rating on amazon, I would say that every other gamer has been just as pleased with it as I have.

The only downside of this monitor is it’s size. With that said, it’s important to remember that the HD 1080 resolution was developed for 24″ screens and it looks awesome. This is a 3D ready Gaming Monitor and is a force to be reckoned with!! Not everyone can spend $1200 on their gaming monitor, but I do believe every one deserves this kind of quality!!

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