NEC MultiSync 30″ Widescreen Professional Graphics Monitor
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When it comes to deciding to purchase a gaming monitor, the best in image quality should be a priority. For the best gaming monitors, phenomenal image quality is essential for ensuring top game player performance. Immersion is essential; the lines between the edges of the gaming monitor and the real world should blur. The best way to ensure the greatest possible picture is with a top-of-the-line gaming monitor. When it comes to the best gaming monitors, the NEC MultiSync 30-inch Widescreen Professional Graphics Monitor easily ranks among them!


The NEC MultiSync 30-inch Widescreen Professional Graphics Monitor easily ranks among the best gaming monitors!Featuring an astounding 2560 x 1600 resolution, this NEC Gaming Monitor is easily one of the best gaming monitors. No longer will games appear block-like and low-resolution. This gaming monitor’s P-IPS technology provides amazing color reproduction for more realistic imagery. The P-IPS technology also allows for an astounding 178 degrees of horizontal and vertical viewing. A tilting stand that allows for optimal viewing no matter the angle. With a giant 30-inch screen, this is a great gaming monitor for playing from a couch. Power consumption is minimal at 165 watts. There is an ecological-friendly mode that runs at 90 watts, making this a great gaming monitor for those wishing to conserve power. The panel consumes only 1.7 watts during standby mode as well.

NEC 30" Gaming Monitor


Gaming is phenomenal on this NEC MultiSync 30-inch Widescreen Professional Graphics Monitor, easily standing up to some of the best gaming monitors on the market. The 30-inch screen makes the action feel larger-than-life. Even though IPS panels are known for their slow response time, this particular panel is surprisingly responsive. Fast response times are essential for first-person shooter games, making this one of the best gaming monitors for fans of games like Call of Duty.


Ergonomic options: freely customize height, tilt, and swivel adjustments to your liking!
Resolution: 2560×1600
Audio: None
Wall mount support: Yes, 100mm x 100mm and 100mm x 200mm
Included video cables: Power cord
DVI cable
USB cable
Mounting Screws
DisplayPort cable
Backlight: CCFL
Panel Type: IPS
Screen Film: Matte
Preset Modes: MultiProfilerâ„¢ software provides complete control over the five picture modes, including the loading of any ICC profile directly into the monitor for optimal color space matching
Color controls: In Menu
Gamma controls: In Menu
Picture options: In Menu
Additional Features: ECO Mode
Carbon footprint meter
Power Consumption: 155 watts


DVI and DisplayPort capability allow for versatility, but this panel’s DisplayPort input offers the best gaming monitor experience in terms of image quality. Having two of them gives you more options then most gaming monitors in this class. In all the Nec Multisync Pa301w-bk 30″ Gaming monitor features two DisplayPorts, two DVI-D Dual Link ports, as well as 2 up USB ports and 3 down. The NEC Multisync 30″ Gaming monitor also comes with DisplaySync Pro.NEC 30" Gaming Monitor


NEC 30" Gaming MonitorColors really pop during movies due to the wide gamut of the P-IPS panel, No detail is lost and the film is true-to-form. The contrast ratio is standard in its class, but the black and white colors really stand out well from each other. True black is very dark, and pure white is fantastically bright. This is not only one of the best gaming monitors, but a phenomenal movie-watching monitor as well. Colors can be calibrated for an even truer-to-life picture. Also, with its incredible resolution, text really pops on this monitor. Making out any pixels is difficult without looking very closely at the monitor. Text appears crisp, as if reading from actual paper.

This is truly one of the best gaming monitors to have. The 30-inch screen, huge resolution, and brilliant colors alone make the games really come to life on the screen. The great response time of this gaming monitor ensures no loss in a player’s gaming performance. The phenomenal viewing angles make for no loss of the action, no matter where one’s looking from. The unbelievable picture quality allows for a fantastic movie-watching and image-viewing experience as well. The Nec Multisync Pa301w-bk 30″ Gaming monitor should be on every gamer’s and computer enthusiast’s must-buy list.

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