led vs lcd gaming monitors

Planning to buy a new monitor for your gaming habit but having a difficulty in choosing between an LED and LCD monitor? Well, some of my pointers might be able to help you based on my own experiences with these two products. Some of us might not even know that an LED monitor is actually an LCD monitor since both have a liquid crystal display. The only major difference is the back-lighting. LCD monitors use compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) while LED monitors use a light emitting diode (LED). Pretty cool huh? Other things that make these monitors different from each other are things like the LED monitor being almost always lighter and thinner, as well as the white and black levels produce by the LED monitors are usually much richer and more vibrant than a LCD monitor. LED Monitors also consume a lot less energy compared to LCD monitors.

led vs lcdAs we know, LCD monitors are back-lighted by a CFL tubes. The advantages of these are the diminished risk of back-light bleed, but it also increases the amount of energy used, has lower contrast on the screen and a lower luminosity level. LED monitors on the other hand give us better contrast and luminosity in addition to reduction of power consumption, but LED has a higher risk of back-light bleeding. I have to mention that I have seen almost no back-light bleeding on any of the newer model LED gaming monitors.


Comparison LED Gaming Monitors LCD Gaming Monitors
Cost: Usually cost a little more Usually cost a little less
Energy Use: Less Than LCD Gaming Monitors More Than LED Gaming Monitors
Lifespan: ~100,000 hours on average 50,000-100,000 hours
Burn In: Very Rare Not An Issue

Given the pros and cons that I mentioned above, It was an easy choice concerning LCD and LED monitors. I would say that because I like, and look for a better gaming experience, I like the LED monitors. The colors are simply amazing! I have played many long hours on my LED monitor (Skyrim and Diablo III), and have not noticed any burn-in’s, back-light bleeding or burnt out pixels. Between this and the ultra long expected lifespan of the LED monitors makes this an easy choice for my personal gaming monitor!!

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