To get the best gaming experience, you need a gaming monitor that can deliver. To find the best gaming monitor, you should be looking at the speed, color/image quality as well as the versatility of the monitor. If you’re looking for a high quality gaming monitor with a large screen size, you’ll find 30” monitors to be the perfect choice. Here are some of the best gaming monitors you can choose from. Please note that these are not curved screen monitors or 4k monitors.

HP ZR30w S-IPS LCD Monitor

hp zr30w 30 inch gaming monitorThe HP Zr30w is a widescreen 30” LCD monitor. The gaming monitor can handle some of the most graphic intensive games without any problems. The color and images are very sharp, making it great for movies as well. The text has a deeper black and the clarity doesn’t get bogged down by the large screen size.

Most customers didn’t need to calibrate the monitor, but like every monitor, people will need to make adjustments to find the right balance for them. The only minor downside is that the monitor has a power consumption of 185W, more than other monitors in the 30” class. Overall, the monitor received an outstanding 4.5 rating from Amazon customers.


NEC Multisync Pa301w-bk-sv

nec 30 inch gaming monitorThe NEC Pa301w-bk-sv stands out as one of the best gaming monitors you can buy for your money. The only downside is that it that you’ll be spending a lot of it with its $2500 price tag. The is one of the best gaming monitors because it has a wide color gamut and the textures of images are simply brilliant. There are no monitor that compare.

The gaming monitor runs games and movies with outstanding performance. The text is incredibly clear and the contrast is unbeatable. The monitor has a power consumption of 155W, which is fairly low. The two DisplayPorts, DVI-D input and USB hubs really add convenience. The NEC Pa301w-bk-sv has very few reviews, but I think this is due to the high price tag. These monitors really are top of the line, often used in the medical field for viewing scans in ultra high resolution, it’s no surprise that they have great reviews by customers on

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ViewSonic CDE3201LED

viewsonic 32 inch gaming monitorThe ViewSonic CDe3201 is a budget friendly monitor that has a 32” screen size. If you’re looking for the best gaming monitor that money can buy, this is obviously not it. However, it does run games fairly well. It does lack on text clarity and video clarity for movies because of the big pixel sizes.

You’ll have to tweak the settings quite a bit to find a good balance with the monitor, but most of the reviewers say that ajusting the color and contrast was all that it needed. It seems to be a little “dull” right out of the box.

The standout feature of this monitor is its low power consumption of 51W. Overall, customers gave it a 4 star rating on Amazon. This monitor will suit you if you’re looking for a large gaming monitor for an affordable price.

Dell UltraSharp U3011

dell 30 inch gaming monitorThe Dell UltraSharp U3011 is one of the best gaming monitors according to customer reviews. The monitor works well with the most graphic intensive games but the response time is a bit slower compared to some of the other gaming monitors. Keep in mind that you won’t have to worry about latency as it the monitor performs.

Most of the rave reviews about the gaming monitor are about how well the monitor performs for photo/video editing and movies. The color/image quality and the range are very good. The text is also very clear and crisp. This is one of the best gaming monitors as it has received 4.5 stars on If you go to Amazon to purchase the monitor as they offer a 3-year warranty.


Samsung MD32B 32” LED Monitor

samsung 32 inch gaming monitorThe Samsung MD32B is a mid range monitor with a 32” display size. The monitor doesn’t have the lowest response time but it still performs well with games. You’ll have no problems watching movies or reading text but don’t expect the best color range and quality.

One issue that customers are having is that it doesn’t come with a stand. That means you’ll do a little research and spend extra money to find the right Samsung monitor stand. The gaming monitor doesn’t have many reviews but it’s rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on


Please note that these are not the 30 inch curved screen gaming monitors or the 30 inch 4k gaming monitors.

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