What Is AMD CrossFire?

AMD CrossFire is the name for the multi-GPU setup developed by Advanced Micro Devices. It allows computers to utilize up to four graphics processing units in order to enhance graphical capabilities of their machine past the performance of just one GPU. It is a powerful instrument suitable for a variety of different applications. AMD CrossFire is perfect for users that need to build a capable gaming computer on a budget to gamers that want to build the best machine that money can buy due to its amazing flexibility.

How it Works

AMD CrossFireAMD CrossFire works by allowing multiple discrete graphics cards to work parallel to each other instead of relying on a single GPU. This boosts the user’s gaming and graphics processing capabilities at a fraction of the cost. The ability for the AMD CrossFire to support up to four graphics cards is key to its capabilities, since the user can combine the processing power of so many graphics cards. This allows the user to enhance the capabilities of their existing machines while adding on to the processing power of their graphics cards instead of having to replace them entirely.

Gaming on a Budget

Single-unit top of the line graphics cards can cost a lot of money due to high demand as well as supply constraints. On the other hand, older cards surpassed by the current generation are often much more reasonable priced. AMD CrossFire allows the user to unlock the power of these inexpensive cards by combining their processing power, and the AMD CrossFire system can often beat out even the current generation of cards in terms of total performance.


AMD CrossFireFurthermore, AMD Crossfire doesn’t just build off the performance capabilities of each individual graphics card. It also combines the intelligent software algorithms of AMD Catalyst, which allows for optimization. After all, a gaming experience consists of more than the raw power in the graphics cards; factors like the computer’s own software and compatibility with the game also plays a crucial part. With AMD Catalyst, AMD Crossfire’s own specialized client for managing the discrete graphics cards, every gamer can rest assured that their gaming performance will be properly optimized on the software side in addition to their hardware.


AMD CrossFire is known as one of the most flexible gaming solutions in the industry. This is due to the flexibility that is inherent in its configurations; up to four graphics cards are allowed, but the graphics cards do not even have to be the same type! Gamers can add graphical components to their rigs at their hearts desire as the need arises. This is tremendously powerful and convenient, since gamers can build even the most basic computers into gaming powerhouses by harnessing the power of AMD CrossFire. In the latest generation, CrossFire works within the same hundred series (for exmaple, 5870 with another graphics card of 58xx). CrossFire also allows for flexibility in monitor setup, allowing any number and configuration of monitors in various sizes and resolutions. Ultimately, AMD CrossFire is a gaming solution for gamers who want to get the most out of their machines and want the most flexibility for their systems.

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I am a definite fan of crossfire and Eyefinity. I like that you can use 6 screens, but I lean more towards the 5 screens. That way there is never a break in the center of my vision when gaming.
I use 2 of these Sapphire Radeon Vapor-X HD 7950 OC with Boost 3 GB DDR5 Graphics Cards in my personal computer. I used MSI Afterburner and pushed em to the limit. I set the core clock to 1200MHz and the memory clock to 1450MHz! But having the best and using it isn’t for everyone I guess…lol

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