AMD Eyefinity Technology
For those that are less tech-savvy, AMD Eyefinity offers a really convenient and easy to use system that will guide you through setting up your new monitor configuration. No matter the amount of monitors, the positional layout, the input and output requirements, you can easily figure out how to get going with your new monitor setup, which is really convenient. At times, many people simply want the optimum experience without having the knowledge of how to setup their system. But AMD Eyefinity makes it simple to get going and enjoying your new monitor setup like never before.
Computer users who are still using one monitor do not realize how much they are missing out on with the capability to add multiple screens to their existing setup with the technology offered by AMD Eyefinity. Whether you are working on multiple spreadsheets or writing a report for homework, or a gamer looking for the most realistic experience available, having multiple monitors for your computer adds to the overall experience and makes it much easier to use. Eyefinity technology allows you to run up to six displays that all work together, usually displaying one big picture.

College students who have to do loads of papers and research can find it very difficult when switching back and forth between displays to find the information that they need, then going back to the word document to write it down, then switching back to the source to assure they wrote it correctly, and finally a few more times to assure their references are cited correctly. This can be quite tedious and make for much more work than college students want. However, with multiple displays offered with an AMD Eyefinity, they can easily pull up a few different resources on an external monitor. Then, on another monitor they can have a window open for chat, which is a great feature when working on group projects or getting feedback on something they have a question about. And lastly, Eyefinity can leave their initial monitor for being used solely for writing and making note of the sources they referenced.

While Eyefinity can make studying much easier, it really gets fun when it’s used for entertainment. Gamers who love driving games like the Dirt or the F1 series will love being able to dedicate one monitor to what’s in front of them, while the remaining monitors display their surroundings and other drivers. It truly feels like you are in a car while having Eyefinity setup around you. For those that prefer first-person shooter games, no other experience will allow you to see your entire surroundings as you can with an AMD Eyefinity setup. While games like Battlefield or Crysis previously only showed you what was directly in front of you, you can now view nearly every angle that is around your player and have an ultimate advantage against your opponents. Samsung MD230x3

The day and age of single monitors is done and gone. Sure, it was nice to have when it was the only option. But now the best way to experience your media and entertainment is through a multi-monitor setup like that offered with Eyefinity. AMD Eyefinity is the best way to get this system running correctly, while being able to handle the power that is needed for up to six monitors. Gaming, homework and entertainment will never be the same, once you experience it with Eyefinity!

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