If you are anything like me, you just kinda rolled your eyes when you noticed the new ips technology for the first time. I didn’t have time to read about it, so when I first heard of a ips panel I just figured it was a bunch of hype about a new spin on an old technology. I was not impressed when I read about led monitors for the first time. It was like “This is just a lcd with a different back-lighting…”. So naturally when I started noticing ips monitors everywhere I had to do some investigating. What I found was a spin on older tech, but this older tech had never really been introduced widly, so it was like it was brand new!!

So What Is It?!?

ahhh!!Photo credit: Lourdes NightingaleIPS stands for “in-plane switching”, and is a screen technology used for LCD’s (liquid crystal displays). It was designed to solve the main limitations of having outdated monitor technology. Ips displays solve some of the most common limitations we experience when we are looking for a gaming monitor. Ips technology has solved issues such as lcd’s having a relatively slow response speed, the dependence on a narrow viewing angle and color reproduction quality issues. In-plane switching (IPS) is basically switching and arranging the molecules of the layer of liquid crystals between the glass substrates, kinda in a plane parallel to these glass plates. This quote and the picture to the left were taken directly from Wikipedia: “This pixel-layout is found in S-IPS LCDs. A chevron-shape is used to widen the viewing-cone (range of viewing directions with good contrast and low color-shift)”


So I wanted to know the advantages and disadvantages of this tech…this is what I found…

#1) IPS monitors consistently display accurate colors from all viewing angles…
#2) Because they use copper wiring with low resistance values, IPS monitors can process signals at a very high speed, without any data loss…
#3) IPS monitors provide clear images and stable response times…
#4) Unlike conventinal LCDs, IPS panels do not show tailing or lighten when touched… This could be groundbreaking for touchscreen devices like tablets and smartphones.


#1) Up to 15% more power is consumed when using a IPS monitor.
#2) IPS monitors are more apt to show a ghosting effect due to slower response times…

So what now?

If you are looking for the best gaming monitor, then S-IPS is the route you need to explore!!
Now we have Super-IPS! It has an even better color reproduction value and most importantly (When considering a monitor for gaming) faster response times!! It is officially an “all the good and none of the bad” scenario! This S-IPS technology makes a unbearable experience, like gaming on a conventional 30″ monitor with ghosting, a memory of the past. Gaming monitors such as the Asus VG278H 27-Inch 3D Full-HD LED Monitor and the HP ZR30w 30-inch S-IPS LCD Monitor are the cutting edge of gaming monitor technology! These monitors provide a gaming experience that was once only obtainable in the 24″ class. If you are looking for the best gaming monitor, then S-IPS is the route you need to explore!!

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